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"We were excited to see our international community come together to share their mutual experience with this global theme..."

"However, the women are determined that Et Alia will keep growing..."

"Had we not said “yes” to the new roles this company almost “forced” us to take on, we would not have been able to get the company to where it is now..."

"Founded and run by international women, I thought the theater company reflects the soul of our time..."

"Their strength on stage is their internationality: their backgrounds are different from each other, they act in a language that is not their. This helps them communicate in an authentic way and stay out of the usual cliches."

"Et Alia is focused on continuing to create Art that speaks to their mission..."

“Yet This is Me Eating tackled a visceral reality, the fraught and animalistic need to eat, its aesthetic elegance in counterpoint to its theme.(…) this dramatization of eating in tension with civility, body image, and ethics made a work of beauty and fascination.There is no judgment in the art of Et Alia—none on the spot, at least.”

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