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Founded by international women in the cosmopolitan city of New York, Et Alia Theater champions multicultural, women-centered storytelling in the performing arts. By providing performance programming and artistic opportunities that welcome, support, and showcase international women artists in New York, Et Alia offers an empathetic creative space for people adapting to a new social environment and fosters a community of mutual support. 'Et Alia' is Latin for 'and other': we create art for the other, by the other, and about the other.


MULTICULTURALITY: We collaborate with teams that reflect the cultural diversity of NYC. We showcase artists with their natural accents, cultural traditions and looks, honoring their identities rather than asking them to adapt. We feature 'the other' (non-United Statesian) culture on our stage.


WOMEN-FOCUSED STORYTELLING: Our projects tell stories centered around women (cis and trans; non-binary included) and stay away from the male-dominant gaze. We feature 'the other' (non-patriarchal) gender perspective on our stage.


EMPATHY: We care for our collaborators and audience as people first and foremost. We make sure everyone has their emotional and personal needs met by engaging in horizontal listening and sharing, and creating stories that come from an equal exchange of ideas.


Believing that theater is a platform to collectively question biases and open up to unfamiliar perspectives, Et Alia Theater strives to offer theatrical experiences that authentically showcase culturally diverse women in the most international city of the country so that we can bring their underrepresented voices to the forefront, break the default narrative that sees them as 'the other', and make a place for the 'out of place.'

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